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LASIK worked the first time and you will get an amazing result and you were thrilled when you saw the result. Who would not be? After years, you get a life without eyeglasses or contacts. LASIK is a life changing experience for all but it does not always lose forever. Without glasses life is obviously preferable but what happens if you don’t get the expected result after the LASIK surgery and you never want to go back to a life that revolves around eyeglasses.

So what will you do next? Can you get LASIK surgery again/ twice?

So here are all the question and their answer:-

Why Might You Need Lasik Surgery Twice?

LASIK surgery is considered a long lasting procedure that many people undergo and love the experience they have. But it is necessary to realize that LASIK surgery does not fix at all the problem and vision surgery re-shaping the cornea and all the refractive errors are fixed. But sometimes or in some cases the patients will get presbyopia ( a nearsightedness) that may occur after the age of 40 or cataracts. Many vision changes due to over the age arise as early as 40 and if you don’t pay any attention towards it you will get cataracts or glaucoma due to this you may need a second procedure. And if you have refractive errors that were not corrected during LASIK surgery then this is a sign that you need a second procedure. If your doctor suggests you for a second procedure, another flap will be created. But yeah! Most surgeons won’t suggest or perform a second LASIK procedure unless it’s 5-10 years after. you can get LASIK surgery in Delhi (visual aids centre).

Is This Your Aging Eyes Or Lasik Problem That May Occur?

For most LASIK patients those who have vision problems after the surgery, later on are not due to LASIK instead their eyes are changing with age. Over the age the cataracts start developing, patients will slowly lose their vision. With cataracts the only least solution is to have cataracts surgery. An individual who demands a second LASIK surgery procedure with cataracts can’t be helped with LASIK. The reason behind this is, the cataracts affect the natural lens of the eye when the surgeon reshapes the cornea. Another way that the eyes change with age is the development of nearsightedness due to this the eyes lose their natural ability to focus. If you get the LASIK twice it will not help you any more if you developed the cataracts or presbyopia. This is the reason many people who are 40 or older use eyeglasses for reading.

Most Patients Need The LASIK Once

LASIK does not provide a lifetime guarantee to fix vision problems, it is just a long-lasting vision correction option. Patients with vision that changed several years after LASIK surgery could not feel any need to undergo LASIK again.  The LASIK surgery cost in India (https://visualaidscentre.com/service/lasik-surgery-cost-india/) is less expensive.